ADSL Line Faults and BT Openreach

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It is important for members to realise that before an ADSL line fault can be escalated to BT Openreach by Be* The members domestic wiring and equipment must be ruled out of the equation, and a series of tests will need to be carried out by Be*, and certain criteria met in order that a fault can be raised with Openreach.

This can take a few days so members will have to be patient whilst this procedure is actioned, whilst this delay can be frustrating it is vital the full test procedure is carried out to avoid the extortionate prices BT Openreach will charge the member should the fault be due to domestic wiring or the members equipment etc.

Once the fault has been raised with Openreach members should be aware that Openreach have their own time frame [ie. anything up to a week]and do not offer any customer support to the general public, but it cannot do any harm to ask Be* through the ticket system how a the resolution of a fault is progressing, and if they have received any news from Openreach.

Members should be aware, if the fault is found to be caused by their domestic wiring or equipment, the member will be charged for the BT Openreach visit at Openreach's current rates.[currently in excess of £150 + vat]

Just to clarify something about BT Openreach fault response times.

When a fault is raised with Openreach they should start investigating the fault within 48 hours, this may includes weekends but not 100% sure.

This doesn't mean that faults will be fixed in that time frame only that Openreach will start work on the fault.

BT do not have any set time scales for an actual repair to be completed so the advice about asking for updates from Be* via the ticket system is a very good idea. But members should be patient with Be* as they can only pass on the information they get from Openreach and some ADSL faults can go on for weeks.

All these faults will be classed as "standard care" - which means they have until the end of the following business day to pick up the fault ie to acknowledge it. I believe after 7 days, you can start claiming back the line rental.

Unfortunately Standard Care faults are only looked at mon-fri 09:00-17:00. This doesnt mean that if there is an exchange fault it won't get looked at sooner though.

See here for BT contact information

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