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BE Advertised Speed Drop

2012-04-24 11:55:48, by drsox

Edit - 2012-04-24 11:55:48:In a weird move, BE now advertise only "up to 16mbps!". Madness.
BE still re-confirm that the maximum line speed will still be possible, just the advertising has changed.
"It is again OFCOM compliance and people who have been getting (or are able to get) faster speeds will still be able to. I.e. if your line is capable of 23 Megs it will still get 23 Megs on BE Unlimited or BE Pro."

Original Post - 2012-04-17 10:37:56
It has been pointed out by cheule on the BE forum that BE no longer advertise "Up to 24mbps" for their BE Pro and BE Unlimited products.

These products are now advertised as "up to 19 meg".

It is unclear if the product is now sold with an artificial 19mbps cap but we, so far, assume that the low advertised speed is just a reaction to Ofcom broadband advertising rules changes and maximum sync speed is likely to still be the normal 24mbps.

BE support will update the forum once they have the answer. (And we will update this news item).

Update: BE have clarified the situation "No need to worry as the speeds will not be changed and if you used to get 24 megs you will still get them. The change is due to the new OFCOM rule for advertising, as already mentioned above."

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