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Static IP Users: Major changes coming..

2011-10-06 18:23:15, by drsox

Edit: 2011-10-12 14:00:38 - BE noted today that Static IP users will need to change the VPI/VCI on their routers (along side other currently undocumented changes). We have added this to our wiki.

BE announced today that they are to make major changes to their core network.

These changes are at _least_ a few months away but the most important of these changes is every customers IP address will have to change, even static IP customers.

[Yes, be prepared to change ACL's, firewall rules etc. etc.. it WILL happen]

There will be an overlap of about 30 days when customers can use the old network and the new network / static IP.
There will also be a new firmware for the BEBox to allow for these network changes.

"We realise this is an inconvenience, and so will be doing our utmost to minimise any impact this could have on service."

"Following the completion of the project, anyone ordering a single or multiple static IP address as part of their BE broadband package will be assigned with blocks conforming to the correct subnet size, accessed through the WAN IP on their router, and in blocks of one, six and 14 addresses.

There’ll be no change to our current pricing, however, with an allocation of six being priced the same as the current four, and 14 the same price as the existing block of 16; those customers currently using either four or eight addresses will have their allocation changed to six and for those using 16 the allocation will be reduced to 14."

More information on the BE Blog.

The usergroup (us) will post a wiki article in the next few days with as much information and Q&A as possible. Keep checking this news item for a link.
A draft article on the changes is now on our wiki.

In the mean time you can join in the questions and conversation about the changes on the BE forum.

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