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BE stop 24hr support!

2014-02-20 19:09:07, by drsox

I had the shock of visiting the BE website today to find that Sky/BE have removed 24 hour staffing of their call center!

YouTube Proof : (

Dear BE Members,

We’re still hard at work building an exciting new Pro service and we’ve now contacted everyone regarding the move to Sky.

You’ve told us that great service and technical support are some of the most important elements of your current broadband service and the team will continue to provide this 7 days a week throughout your migrations. Here are the hours the team are on hand to support you:

Customer Services
8am - 11pm
Technical Support
7am - 11pm
Online Help, Forum & Live Chat
7am - 11pm

It also seems that the support option (2) tells you that the department is closed but the billing option (4) doesn't and tells you that everyone is busy and that you are in queue position 1 for eternity.

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BE Website stops taking orders

2013-12-23 11:10:29, by drsox

It appears that within roughly the last week the BE website has been changed and the "Order now" buttons have been removed from the product pages and the 3 products on the home page have been replaced with a Sky banner:

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Remote updates to routers

2013-11-15 08:24:16, by drsox

Looks like BE (or o2 / Sky) are sending updates to BE routers... a customer reported their router was suddenly asking for a PPP login this morning.

We were sent a copy of the config and it now contains, along side the normal 0*101 VPI/VCI, a new 0*38 connection set as PPP "install@o2broadband.co.uk" (supposedly the password is "install") by default.

The user reported that non HTTP access worked fine (skype, steam etc..) but web page access redirected him to the PPP details request.

We need to restore this config onto one of our routers to test.
In the mean time if you experience this problem you may be able to avoid the PPP details prompt by turning off "Web Interception" on this page:

Or call BE.. Any information you have and the results / fixes -- please post to the BE forum.

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BEBox Reuse

2013-07-20 06:01:05, by drsox

Stuck on re-using your BEBox on a non-BE ISP... This page might be of use:


A video on how to use these tools can be found here.

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